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Leveling-up Leaders

Great leaders are like Olympic athletes – they continuously perfect their skills to pivot with changing dynamics. For instance, when a leader learns to respond – rather than react – to the crisis of the moment their team can “fail up” and start soaring above their circumstances. 

We’ll help you inspire greatness in others to become a leader worth following. 


Transforming Teams

When you marshal the collective strength of your team, you empower them to push past hurdles as a united front. As they become more cohesive, agile and focused, they start functioning like an elite military unit. 

We’ll ignite the neuroscientific benefits of behavioral assessments, experiential learning and narrative intelligence to activate their collaborative problem solving and fuel their leadership potential.


Training Trainers

To become a training ninja, you need to adjust your toolkit on the fly. Since every group has its own “personality,” your job is to assess their mood and quickly modify your delivery.


We’ll teach you to customize their learning with experiential, neuroscience-based activities to trigger their creative thinking and propel their mission forward.

"Jill exhibited impressive skills as a coach and facilitator of group exercises and discussions. She made the sessions fun and stimulating."

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