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Ready to become a career or leadership ninja? 

Whether it’s time to level up internally or launch out to a new organization, burying your head in your accomplishments won’t take you to the next level. You need focused vision and bold confidence to seize opportunities when they strike. 

We’ll help you carve out a career path that leverages your superpowers, so you can achieve the career of your dreams.


Catalyzing Coaches

Becoming a coaching ninja requires more than an earning an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification. You need to laser focus on your target market, strengthen your personal branding, and invigorate your public speaking skills.

We’ll mentor you using experience-based coaching strategies, so you can catapult your business and your clients’ success to new heights. 

About My Clients

Client Testimonials

"I wholeheartedly recommend Jill and her career coaching services.  When I first moved to Charlotte, NC, I didn’t know how to begin launching an effective job search.  Jill helped me craft not just a resume and a LinkedIn profile, but also a networking strategy that’s really beginning to pay off.  What’s more, her encouragement to value myself and to go for what I truly want is a touchstone for my professional life, and I have no doubt that I’ll have a great job any day now."  -Uma H.

"I began working with Jill when I was looking for new opportunities. Through coaching, I gained clarity about my strengths and values. Jill coached me on expanding my professional network to include key contacts with companies I was interested in working with, and also on the interview process. She helped me set and achieve clear goals. I interviewed with several companies, and soon had an offer. ​​​​​​I am now happily employed, and I love my job! I continually recommend Jill to colleagues who can benefit from leadership or career coaching." -Trish B.

​"I began working with Jill during my coach training. She was very helpful in building my coaching practice, and in providing guidance as I began CTI's certification course. I felt a greater sense of clarity and purpose following each session.  Jill was very in tune with my strengths and was able to build on them.  I had this sense throughout our sessions that she was listening very deeply to what I was saying and as a result was able to bring to light some issues I myself was not aware of.  She is generous with her knowledge and shares it freely."  -Julie R

"I can truly say I was very lucky to have found a coach like Jill. I am a CTI Coach in training and her work with me enabled me to really focus in on what was important. Through her amazing ability to ask just the right questions, she helped me to gain clarity of the situation and develop my own insights which was so empowering.  She challenged me in a good way and I found myself highly motivated to be committed to my goals and to move forward into action. She is an incredible listener with the ability to pick up on nuances of what was said or not said to see what was present in the moment.  I highly recommend Jill as a coach to anyone and specifically to coaches who are trying to develop their skills and businesses. She did not catch the fish for me; she taught me how to fish for myself!" -Colleen F.​​​​

Pam was my mentor coach for CTI’s Coach Certification Program and I would recommend her for anyone looking to achieve personal growth. I appreciated Jill’s ability to meet me where I was any at any given moment and gently nudge me to move forward. That coupled with her flexible style, made the coaching very focused on me and my needs, which helped me transform over the course of our relationship. I also appreciated Jill’s help in deepening my learning on CTI’s Co-Active Coaching Model and the various milestones of the program. If you are looking for a coach that sees you for you and will guide you forward at your own pace, Jill’s the one for you!" -Aaron B.

"What comes across as intuition must be natural yet fed by Jill's keen sense of listening. In a very short time Jill was able to point out interesting connections in the threads of our conversation that have helped me shape my approach to balancing school, work, and timing on future changes in my career landscape. She is insightful and offers an encouraging, no-nonsense perspective about next steps, in my case, about career." -Dina W.

​"Working with Jill has allowed me to assess my professional career with a greater degree of honesty, vision, ambition and balance. Not only am I learning to be open and available to the right opportunities in life, but I am also learning how to create positive, actionable changes for my future." - Kathy Z.

"Jill helped me narrow the vision for my career down from infinity to what it is today. I now know what it is that I want to be a part of moving forward. She was very open and positive with me, which is exactly what I needed"  - Connor M.

"Having Jill as a coach has benefitted me tremendously, and will continue to do so as I move forward and incorporate the things we’ve talked about.  Staying in alignment with my values is HUGE…it has definitely helped me make better decisions about how I spend my time and energy…and do so without regret.”  -Mary C.